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Stacy Pleaze, LCSW-C

ReNewing Me Solutions utilizes a holistic approach to help you create mental stability, physical wellness, emotional balance & spiritual peace. By addressing your complete self, you will be empowered & motivated to make healthy choices, which will contribute to personal growth & overall understanding that allows you to be your BEST SELF.


ReNewing Me Solutions is a Counseling & Consulting agency devoted to helping our customers Refine their Purpose & Restore Holistic Peace, Balance, and Wellness. Our “Mission” is to partner with individuals, families, and communities to create innovative and unique solutions that renews natural skills & abilities, improves informed decision making and enhances opportunities to grow beyond one’s current circumstance.


We envision that ReNewing Me will be the recognized leaders in providing compassionate, natural & strength based quality person-centered approaches & solutions that will equip our clients to Reconnect and Restore their self-worth; which will empower them to be effective leaders within their homes, communities and most importantly their lives.

ReNewing Me will take its clients to a place of Restructuring, Refining & Reviving the Promise to their Purpose…..

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