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Special Services

Life Coaching
Anger Management
Substance Abuse Counseling
Adult Grief Group
Youth Anxiety
Crisis intervention
Case management
Rights protection
Basic support




Our agency offers various services and programs to children/adolescents, adults, couples and families to include: Therapy/Counseling, Youth & Transitional programs, Life-Coaching Enhancements plans & workshops, Professional Development Trainings, Mentoring, and as needed Crisis and/or Case Management Services. We work hand in hand with our customers to define an outcome that enhances them both personally and professionally. It is our daily agenda to Be Friend, Coordinate and Connect with other providers, agencies, and surrounding communities to assure our customers have access to all the needed resource to reach their highest level of functioning and greatest potential.


Family Center- Mental Health Treatment

The Family Center is a place where our customers can come be understood, free to heal, feel safe, & grow into their best selves without judgment, stigma and/or shame. Our services are created to assist and support individuals, group, families & couples with mental health concerns, substance abuse issues, life struggles, personal barriers, and professional roadblocks.


Services consumers from age 6-64+
  • Comprehensive Clinical Assessment & Evaluation
  • Counseling Services (Individual, Group & Family)
  • Specialty groups (Anger management, Parenting, Trauma, Grief, Domestic Violence)
  • Parent Support Services
  • Individualized Treatment Planning
  • Youth & Transitional Programs
  • Behavior Management
  • Case management/Coordination of Services


Our providers will use time tested interventions and pragmatic counseling skills: we utilize individual, group, and family formats; Cognitive Behavioral Therapy; emotional regulation techniques/various anger management methods; play and recreational therapy; behavior modification; parent training, and the very successful Geno-gram and Ecomap tools. These services are provided within our office and/or in your preferred off-site location: home, community, and school.


Diagnostic Evaluation

All consumers who are new to the Behavioral Health Center will receive a diagnostic evaluation by a Licensed Mental Health Professional (LCSW-C, LCPC).  All clinicians are licensed and trained to complete the comprehensive evaluation. The face-to-face screening assesses the individual’s strengths, available resources, and treatment needs.


Medication Management

Medication management includes a comprehensive assessment by partnering offsite Psychiatrist and/or a Mental Health Psychiatric nurse practitioner to formulate diagnoses, prescribe psychotropic medications, provide related education, and perform routine monitoring.

If you are taking or prescribed medication to control psychiatric or behavioral health symptoms, we can help make sure you are benefiting from your drug therapy.  We’ll meet with you regularly to review your prescriptions, evaluate whether your medication is effective in managing your symptoms, and coordinate with your prescribing provider to assure your questions are answered. We will also talk with you and meet with your referring provider to review any side effects you may experience.


Some of OUR Who’s & How’s
Reduce the stress associated with:
  • Relationship issues
  • Work difficulties
  • Financial pressure
  • Physical illness
Reduce the stress associated with:
  • Poor communication
  • Intimacy problems
  • Chronic conflicts about money
  • Conflicts about parenting or household responsibilities
Reduce the stress associated with:
  • Child behavior problems
  • Drug and alcohol issues
  • School difficulties
  • Adjusting to loss
  • Decisions about the elderly
Reduce the stress associated with:
  • Peer problems
  • Learning disorders
  • Conflict with siblings
  • Separation & divorce
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