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Special Services


We perform complete assessments and provide written evaluations, which is conducted by qualified personnel that will assist with determining an individual’s needs for Mental Health Services as well as contribute to developing a Person-Centered Plan.

Life Coaching
Anger Management
Substance Abuse Counseling
Adult Grief Group
Youth Anxiety
Crisis intervention
Case management
Rights protection
Basic support








Assessments, Abuse, Adjustment Disorders, Aging Issues, Anger Management, Anxiety/Phobias & Panic Disorders, Death & Dying, Gender/Identity, Health & Wellness, Life Management Skills, ADHD, Chronic Medical Issues, Communication Skills, Depression/Mood Disorder, PTSD, Relationship Issues, Self-Esteem Issues, Career Development, Stress & Anxiety, Crisis Services available
Family Therapy
One thing in life we can’t choose is our family…..

As an individual we are emotionally and mentally connected to our love ones that make us a family unit.

Understanding each family member’s role, perspective, similarities and/or differences can sometimes be challenging and cause disruptions within the family. ReNewing Me Solutions, knows that seeing eye to eye with your loved ones will be almost impossible without learned skills, strategies and techniques to break down the walls that prevents healthy communication and familiar support. Our goal is to educate & empower individuals within the family, which in turn will strengthen the family unit as a whole and ultimately restore the family’s much needed peace, balance and togetherness.

Group Therapy

Anger Management, Life/Social Skill Groups, Health & Wellness, Personal Control, Understanding Mental Health, Stress Management, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Grief & Loss, Parenting Skills (other Group topics per request & TBA)
Marriage & Couples Counseling


They say relationships are like a full-time job~ it takes a lot of overtime to make them work.

Our connection to the one person whom we dream of spending our lives with through “thick and thin” is often challenged with tensions brought about by life circumstances, changes that happen beyond our control, and outside influences. We want this commitment to our most important relationship to meet our needs and support us through life’s storms. However, sometimes we lose sight of this desire to be connected to this other person. Tensions occur that create an uncertainty and fear of not being safe with this person. Then we often freeze as we struggle whether to flee, fight, or….address the issues realistically and rationally. The confusion that ensues becomes dark and black as we try to find our way with the person we long to be with. This is when a counselor who isn’t involved in the relationship and doesn’t have any investments can objectively help guide both of you into the light of new insights and fresh decisions resulting in a safer connection than in the past with new hope of brighter futures.

Children/Adolescent Therapy & Behavior Modification Programs

Academic Underachievement, ADHD, Adjustment Issues, Behavioral Problems (School, Home & Community Settings), Blended Family Issues, Bullying, Coping Skills, Divorce & Separation, Fear & Anxiety, Parent/Child Relational Issues, Sibling Rivalry, Social Development, Trauma, Weight Issues, Crisis Services available
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